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Yoshinori Miyawasu
Aliases Space alien
Gender Male.png Male
Age 16
Height 160cm (5' 3")
Weight 42 kg (92lbs)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Professional Status
Team Kainan University -- High School
Year 1st year
Position Guard
Jersey Number #15
Personal Status
First Appearance
Japanese Voice Shinobu Satouchi
English Voice {{{english voice}}}
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Yoshinori Miyamasu (宮益 義範 Miyamasu Yoshinori) is known as the 6th man for Kainan. Sakuragi calls him, "Space Alien" because of his distracting appearance while wearing glasses when playing basketball, he replaces with basketball sports goggles.

In the Filipino dub, Sakuragi calls him Magtataho and Nagtitinda ng balut (Duck egg vendor) due to his accent.


His unimposing presence distracts opponents from his basketball skills especially his reliable 3-point shooting, which is comparable to Jin's and Mitsui's. Though he wears glasses, when called to play, he replaces them with a pair of goggles. Yoshinori played his first game when called in by Coach Riki Takato to shut down Sakuragi. Takato correctly deduced that Sakuragi will not take Yoshinori seriously enough to properly mark him, enabling Yoshinori to be effective.