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Tsuyoshi Minami
Aliases Ace Killer
Gender Male.png Male
Height 184 cm
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Professional Status
Occupation Basketball Player
Team Toyotama.png
Year 3rd Year
Position Small Forward/Shooting Guard
Jersey Number #4
Personal Status
First Appearance
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Tsuyoshi Minami is the captain of Toyotama High School and one of the two aces (who Sakuragi calls "chick-face" after the bird), the other being Kishimoto. He is known as the "Ace Killer" and lives up to this nickname by hitting Rukawa in the face with his elbow as he once did to Kenji Fujima of Shoyo , leaving him with a black eye for the whole 2nd half of the game. Minami however makes up for it later, as the night before the match against Sannoh, he gives Rukawa an ointment to help his eye heal and warns him about Sawakita.


He and Kishimoto are very loyal to their former coach Jiei holding on to the "80% offense and 20% defense" system, despite having a new coach to make up for the team's weak defense. He is the most aggressive among the players, even going far as holding their coach to his neck.

He became pressured when he saw Rukawa not being afraid of getting hurt and started to miss shots until he fell straight onto the latter thinking he would dodge his knee but ended up bleeding a lot on the forehead. After the game, he apologized to Rukawa and gave him an ointment.


He is Osaka's #1 shooter and this was proven when he shot 2 straight 3-pointers, easily reducing their 10-point deficit to 4.

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