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Toyotama High School is the 2nd place representative for Osaka prefecture, having lost to Daiei High School.


When former coach, Kitano Jiei introduced the 80% offense and 20% defense tactic to the team, the team improved and became # 1 of Osaka and even managed to reach the Quarter-finals of the Inter-High. Everyone cheered on the Run & Gun playing style. The school invested a lot of money in the basketball club and demanded even better results. When Coach Kitano could not live up to the high expectations, he got fired.

The new coach, Kanehira is looking to strengthen the defense, which the team lacks. However, he is greatly disrespected most likely by Minami and Kishimoto who have great respect for Coach Kitano and still wants to live up the old system.

Eventually, the Prefectural Finals and the Inter-High became the prize for being an unstable team, having lost to Daiei and Shohoku.


Each player of Toyotama possesses scoring abilities, lifting the offensive powers of this team to another level. They are not depending on one scoring player which makes it hard to defend them. As this team plays Run & Gun, their speed and stamina should not be underestimated.

Trash talk, provocation and pushing when out of the referree's sight are the dirty tricks that Toyotama players like to use.


They play only 20% defense, so their defense is quite weak. They believe it's not a problem, because they only need to score more than the points they get against them. This is a dangerous tactic when you meet well-balanced teams such as Kainan and Shohoku, who have a decent defense and an arsenal of offensive abilities.

The lack of a good center is a problem in this team, because they will need at least 2 players to guard a strong center such as Akagi, which make long-ranged shots from Rukawa and Mitsui possible. They were having a very hard time to defend the 2 seniors of Shohoku.

The players (and even their fans) are very rude people who disregard everyone. They are very short-tempered and although the provocations are always in their side, they are not good at receiving it when the opponent uses it on them. They easily lose their calm. When needed, the players are even rude and violent to each other, which is not good for the team spirit.


Toyotama High School
MinamiT.png KishimotoT.png IwataT.png 127px ItakuraT.png
Small Forward
Tsuyoshi Minami
Power Forward
Minori Kishimoto
Mitsuaki Iwata
Shooting Guard
Kyohei Yajima
Point Guard
Daijiro Itakura


  • Because of the Toyotama players being physical, the team is mostly based on the "The Bad Boys" era of the Detroit Pistons led by Isiah Thomas.