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Soichiro Jin
Gender Male.png Male
Height 189 cm (6'2)
Weight 71 kg (156lbs)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Professional Status
Team Kainan University -- High School
Year 2nd year
Position Shooting Guard
Jersey Number #6
Personal Status
First Appearance
Japanese Voice Nobutoshi Canna
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Soichiro Jin (神 宗一郎,Jin Sōichirō) is Kainan's ace shooting guard, known and respected by his opponents for his infallibly accurate 3-pointers.

When he first joined the basketball team, he wanted to play in the Center position. But he wasn't a fast runner, nor a strong build. When Riki Takato told him he could not play in the Center position, Jin, undeterred, began working on his shooting skills instead, practicing 500 shots every day until he reached the level he is currently at.


Despite being the best in his position in the whole prefecture, Jin comes off as a modest character and speaks in a gentle manner. 


He is the sharpshooter player, in fact he has a sufficient and efficient 3 point shoot. Because of his slender body, he doesn't have the ability to play Center or Power forward despite his height. Coach Takato once thought he was hopeless in playing basketball but was proven wrong when he saw Jin practice and evolve into a deadly 3-pointer, to the point that he is impossible to miss. He exceeds even Shohoku's Mitsui in terms of consistency when shooting 3-pointers. 

Defensively, his long wingspan can guard shooters well. However, he is prone to keep the hands up against them actually hurt him against quicker guards that would sneak under and blow by him. 


  • Fukuda and Jin are in fact childhood friends as they went to the same Elementary School.
  • In the mobile game, his shooting range can extend to half court with developments to his special moves, making him the player with longest shooting range, even longer than himself in the anime.
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