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Prefecture Kanagawa
Team Captain Kenji Fujima
Vice-Captain Toru Hanagata
Coach Kenji Fujima
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Shoyo High School is the 2nd strongest team in Kanagawa behind Kainan. When Kenji Fujima joined Shoyo, he immediately became a star player and his biggest rival was Kainan's Shinichi Maki. Fujima has never been able to beat Maki and this year, got defeated by Shohoku, denying them access to the Prefectural top 4. In last year's Nationals Tournament Shoyo got eliminated by Toyotama, as Tsuyoshi Minami injured Shoyo's ace player Fujima.

Although seniors normally retire after the summer to focus on the College Entrance Examinations, all the seniors of Shoyo decided to stay in the team to participate in the High School Winter Tournament. Shoyo lost in quater-finals to Shohoku 60-62.

Offense and Defense

Shoyo has the tallest lineups among other teams, having at least 4 players who are 190 cm tall and above. The team uses it's height advantage on offense and defense, led by Toru Hanagata while Fujima is not on the court. But when the game is at stake, Fujima will enter and play.


Apart from Fujima and Hanagata, the other players are only at intermediate level with height as their only advantage. The tall players are slow and are not capable of guarding fast players, such as Ryota Miyagi and Kaede Rukawa. The team's major weakness is not having a dedicated coach which leaves Fujima with no choice but to play both roles.

Shoyo High School
FujimaT.png HasegawaT.png HanagataT.png TakanoT.png NaganoT.png
Point Guard/Coach
Kenji Fujima
Kazushi Hasegawa
Toru Hanagata
Shoichi Takano
Mitsuru Nagano
Point Guard
Taku Itou


Their team is likely to be based on the Boston Celtics, because of the team colors green and white and the similarities of the logos.