Satoru Kakuta is a 2nd year player of shohoku, wear no#9 jersey, played as a center or power forward. Even his quality is far from the regular players of Shohoku, but she sometimes called into the action when Sakuragi isn't in the field. His only appearance in the InterHigh was in the match against Sannoh, in which he substituted Sakuragi because of his nose bleed. He played only for a few minutes.


According to Slam Dunk Mobile Game, he is a nimble center who is a complimentary post scorer. Much unlike Takenori Akagi, who relies on powerful dunks, Kakuta's offensive skillsets rely on footwork and finesse. He utilizes hook shots and spin layups to score. Defensively, he uses his quick jumping capabilities to snag rebounds, then quickly leaving the paint to initiate fast break.


He is likely to be based on Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for his tendency to use the hook shot, but Kakuta's hook shot has better variations (pivot stepback sky hook, counter spin layup) and has a more polished counter moves, despite never developing his left-handed layups.

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