Prefecture Kanagawa
Team Captain Jun Uozumi
Vice-Captain Ryoji Ikegami
Coach Moichi Taoka
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Ryonan High School is one of the top teams in Kanagawa. It is considered a very prestigious school to be in. The basketball team is composed of Jun Uozumi, Akira Sendoh, Ryoji Ikegami, Hiroaki Koshino, Kicchou Fukuda, and Tomoyuki Uekusa as its main players. Their coach is Moichi Taoka.

Ryonan is the first team in the series Shohoku plays and also Hanamichi Sakuragi's debut game, though it's only a practice game. Even though Shohoku lost by a point, the team greatly surpassed Ryonan's expectations.

Ryonan entered the top 4 and easily defeated Takezato. At that time, Shohoku lost to Kainan in a close game. Ryonan played excellently against the defending champions, Kainan in the Inter-High qualification games. In this game, Sendoh played as point guard, instead of his usual position as Forward and managed to force the game into overtime. However, Uozumi's ejection left all the pressure on Sendoh and Ryonan eventually lost.

Ryonan plays Shohoku but lost this time, owing to the fact that Coach Taoka had underestimated Sakuragi and Kogure, as he admitted after the game. This loss leaves Ryonan ranking 3rd in Kanagawa, and precludes their playing in the National Games. Uozumi retired along with Ikegami and Sendoh took over as the team captain. At the end of the series, Ryonan is preparing for the Winter Tournament.


The team's main scorers are Uozumi, Sendoh and Fukuda. That trio are most surely the strongest offensive trio of Kanagawa with Sendoh being an inside and outside scoring machine, Fukuda being an inside scoring machine and Uozumi whilst not a scorer at heart he is still able to get points in bunches as for example his very impressive stat line in the game Vs Takezato of 35 points, 17 rebounds and 4 blocked shots. Their coach Taoka Moichi is very good as he is able to analyze the opponent's weak points. He was also the first to realise the potential of Sendoh as a Point Guard. Their players are also very fit due to their tough trainning regime;their defense is man-to-man as well as zone defense, depending on their opponent. In general Ryonan is a good defensive team: Sendoh, Uozumi and especially Ikegami are Ryoanan's best defensive players.


The team has no Point Guard that is at least on the same level as Miyagi and a sharpshooter like Mitsui or Jin. Because of these flaws, Sendoh has to take charge, which is too much for 1 person. Like Shohoku, Ryonan also have a weak bench, which was shown when Uozumi was lured into fouling out thus, they do not have a strong Center to replace him.

Ryonan doesn't have very talented players, they are good, but there's a big level difference between genius Sendoh, the only talented player, and the others. Basically, the team is worthless without Sendoh on the court: he's not only the creator but also the mental support to all his teammates and it sometimes it can get too much even for Sendoh as shown in Ryonan Vs Shohoku match where Sendoh came to close to crumbling under the pressure since not only Jun Uozumi was in foul trouble, Kicchou Fukuda was on the bench resting meaning Sendoh had to carry both the offense and defense of Ryonan until Kicchou Fukuda returned.Maki had sensed as well as Sendoh about to snap with the pressure.

FukudaT SendohT UozumiT KoshinoT UekusaT
Power Forward
Kicchou Fukuda
Small Forward
Akira Sendoh
Jun Uozumi
Shooting Guard
Hiroaki Koshino
Point Guard
Tomoyuki Uekusa
IkegamiT TaokaT HikoichiT
Ryoji Ikegami
Moichi Taoka
Hikoichi Aida

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