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Minori Kishimoto
Gender Male.png Male
Height 188 cm
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Professional Status
Occupation Basketball Player
Team Toyotama.png
Year 3rd Year
Position Power Forward
Jersey Number #5
Personal Status
First Appearance
Japanese Voice Kazunari Tanaka
English Voice {{{english voice}}}
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Minori Kishimoto is one of the ace players of Osaka prefecture team Toyotama High School. He is first seen at the last match of the Osaka tournament as Toyotama is defeated by Daiei High School, after warning Hikoichi Aida that he wanted to crush Akira Sendoh. Kishimoto is in his 3rd Year of High School.


Minori is extremely arrogant, brash, violent and short-tempered and is fully aware that he is a good player. This is shown from when he is first seen as he tells Hikoichi that Sendoh is just an overrated player after reading an article on him. Like other players of Toyotama, he is also physical but not against Sakuragi, after the latter retaliated with a strong push, hurting him. 


Being one of the aces, Kishimoto is a great scorer, passing through Sakuragi's defense.

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