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Mikio Kawata
Name Mikio Kawata
Kanji 河田美紀男
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Height 210 cm
Weight 130 kg
Professional Statistics
Team Sannoh High
Position Power Forward/Center
Job Basketball Player
First Appearance
Manga N/A
Anime N/A
Anime N/A
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Mikio Kawata (河田美紀男 Kawata Mikio) is the younger brother of fellow Sannoh player Masashi Kawata and a rookie in the team. He is the tallest High Schooler shown in the series. Like other notable freshmen, Mikio can contribute for his team though he is totally a newbie.


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Mikio is portrayed as rather dopey. He always apologizes whenever he makes an error, even when hurting his opponents, such as Sakuragi. His brother always scolds him because of these traits.


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The only move he knows is posting up under the basket, then turns around to make an easy basket using his size. But still, he is a newbie so his older brother, Masashi has to look after him.


Kazunari Fukatsu

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Matsumoto Minoru

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Masashi Kawata

Masashi is the older brother of Mikio.

Masahiro Nobe

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Eiji Sawakita

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Satoshi Ichinokura

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Goro Domoto

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  • Mikio weighs 130kg.
  • The showdown between Mikio and Sakuragi is another great coincidence in the "Slam Dunk" universe that tied in to real events. In the final match against Sannoh, the Sannoh team substituted one of their players with Mikio, who Sakuragi was then supposed to guard. Eventually, Sakuragi realized that Mikio could only score from under the post, and triumphed over him by keeping him at a distance from the basket, effectively stopping him from making a successful shot.

  • On May 19 1996, Sakuragi's counterpart, Dennis Rodman encountered the rookie center Shaquille O'Neal , or just "Shaq" for short, who was very similar to Mikio. Both were giants at around 2.10m tall, had a very large mass that gave them the brute force to dominate under the post and was hopeless at shooting from a distance. Also, A difference between Shaq and Mikio is that Shaq had great footwork, and finesse when in teh post, and used it to be called the most dominant player ever. Despite being 15 cm shorter and a great deal smaller than Shaq, Rodman amazingly prevailed against him and managed to defend post, get 21 rebounds and scored 13 points (mostly from tip-ins )  all while suffering from a stomach virus. However, it should be noted that on average, Shaq was better than Rodman. Shaq averaged 27 points, 13.5 rebounds, on 54% shooting against rodman, while rodman averaged 6.2 points and 17.2 rebounds on 39.3% shooting against Shaq. Also, Shaq was 216 cm tall, while Rodman was only 201 cm tall.

  • What is interesting to note is that "Slam Dunk" ended in the same year, but the chapters were written before the game on May 19.