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Masashi Kawata
Aliases Bald Gori
Gender Male.png Male
Height 190 cm (6' 3")
Weight 95 kg (209 lbs)
Hair Color black
Eye Color black
Professional Status
Occupation Basketball Player
Team Sannoh Industry Affiliated High School
Position Center
Jersey Number # 7
Personal Status
Relatives Mikio Kawata (younger brother)
First Appearance
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Masashi Kawata (河田雅史 Kawata Masashi) is the Center of Sannoh Industry Affiliated High School and is also known as Japan's #1 Center.

He started out as a small player, only standing at 165 cm but grew taller (25 cm) the next year, eventually claiming the Center position. He now stands at 190 cm in his 3rd year.


He's jealous of Sawakita's popularity with the girls to the point that he will grip Sawakita's legs, making him cry in pain. He always keeps an eye on his younger brother, Mikio because he is still a beginner. Like any other Sannoh player, he never underestimates an opponent even though he is shown to clearly dominate.


Masashi is widely seen as the best Center in Japan. He was able to outplay, outwit and defeat Akagi on various occasions to the point that he totally isolated the latter.

He started short (165 cm) during his freshman year and increased his height (25 cm) the next year which allowed him to develop skills the other centers lacked. And compared to other centers, he possesses great speed.

He also uses his great physique to overwhelm opposing players such as Sakuragi to prevent him from rebounding (because the latter's jumping ability is a problem for him).

Physical Ability
Mental Strength
Special Ability


-To Hanamichi Sakuragi: " Don't push yourself, red haired boy. You still have a bright future. However, i will not hold back once i'm angry, you understand ?"


  • Masashi Kawata may likely be based on Charles Barkley. They both possess great physiques which they use to overwhelm opposing players. They have the same history of being a small kid, they share their love for women, they look similar, there is also a similarity on the type player that they have become.
  • He has shown interest in marking Sakuragi. This was seen when he told Akagi to tell Sakuragi to mark him because he is observing the latter.
  • He was one of the first characters to notice that Sakuragi had hurted his back and was dangerously injured, warning him to not push himself and think about his future. Nonetheless, he still warned Sakuragi that he would not hold back once getting angry.
  • Though he clashed with Sakuragi on just a few occasions, the match-up is somewhat similar to a Denis Rodman vs Charles Barkley match-up.