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Kicchou Fukuda
Aliases Fukusuke
Gender Male.png Male
Height 188 cm (6' 2")
Weight 80 kg (176 lbs)
Hair Color Black
Professional Status
Occupation Basketball Player
Team Ryonan High School
Year 2nd year
Position Power Forward
Jersey Number #13
Personal Status
First Appearance
Japanese Voice Hideo Ishikawa
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Kicchou Fukuda (福田 吉兆 Fukuda Kitchō) is a 2nd Year player in Ryonan High School and is another of their aces. His offensive power rivals many of the best players in the Kanagawa prefecture. Sakuragi calls him, "Fukuske" because of his curly hair. 


Ryonan coach, Moichi Taoka saw potential in both Fukuda and Sendoh starting from when they joined the team together. However, as Fukuda still seemed green and thick-skinned, Taoka would frequently criticize him while praising Sendoh. Fukuda however, turned out to be quite sensitive. As a result, in an exhibition match at Ryonan, Fukuda released his pent-up aggression on Taoka. This incident resulted in a suspension from all games up until the Interhigh Tournament.

He loves to be praised and even bursts into tears in their match against Kainan. But when he loses his patience, he becomes hasty and will start to take forced shots.


Fukuda's offense makes him a key player in Ryonan, and it is difficult to stop him once he starts scoring. He is often seen doing alley-oops with Sendoh as the passer. When it comes to offense, his team has full confidence in him to get the point. As said by Jin, he has the ability to put the ball under the net.


Whilst not the greatest outside shooter, he is known to be a very persistent scorer inside with being willing to do whatever is possible to earn a point which correlates with his prideful nature. This was demostrated in the Shohoku Vs Ryonan game when despite being blocked by Hanamichi Sakuragi and Hisashi Mitsui on different occasions,he jumped for the rebound to get the putback which led to Hisashi Mitsui fouling him and earning 2 free throw shots. He often performs multiple pumpfakes aswell when in an Isolation situation to try and trick his opponents. However, his defense is very weak and most players, even Sakuragi, can pass him.

Physical Ability
Mental Strength
Special Ability


  • In the Filipino dub, Sakuragi calls him as "Fukulot", kulot meaning curly hair in Filipino.