Kenji Fujima
Gender Male Male
Height 178 cm
Weight 66 kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Black
Professional Status
Occupation Basketball Player/Coach
Team Shoyo High
Year 3rd year
Position Point Guard
Jersey Number #4
Personal Status
First Appearance
Japanese Voice Koji Tsujitani
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Kenji Fujima (藤真健司Fujima Kenji) is the captain and coach of the Shoyo team. Thus, he has twice the responsibility and workload than any other players around. He usually sits out during games as he needs to observe and make decisions as a coach. Nonetheless, he will join the games if he senses that his teammates need him.

Not only he is an intelligent and responsible person, he is a very talented basketball player as well. He is one of the top players in the region, alongside with Shinichi Maki from team Kainan. They used to compete for the MVP title.


He is calm mostly in decision making with his teammates and during a match. But the time his teammates are in pinch, he enters the game and changes from a calm coach to an energetic player of Shoyo.


Shinichi Maki

Fujima and Maki are known to be rivals during their early days in joining basketball. Fujima had already faced Maki whilst he was still a freshman and Shoyo is known to be the second strongest team in Kanagawa Region. But after they were defeated by Shohoku team, Fujima changed goals.


Shoyo vs Shohoku

Shoyo faced Shohoku during quarter finals. They thought it is an easy victory against Shohoku. But during the middle of the game, Shohoku reaches their score and Fujima decides to enter the game. He spank everyone in his team to give courage. He has shown amazing skills that amazes the audiences but in the end, they were defeated by Shohoku and was disqualified.

Shoyo vs Toyotama

This match wasn't shown in the series. It is the time before when Shoyo entered the Inter High and they had a match against Toyotama. When Maki is asking Nobunaga about Minami's most known name, Fujima is seen with his teammeates jogging and thinking about the game of Shohoku vs Toyotama, so as their match against Toyotama where he was also hurt by Minami as he is the Ace of Shoyo.

Anime and Manga Differences

In the Anime, Fujima and his team decides to enter the Winter League. He and some of his teammates visit the Shohoku gym and they had a practice match along with Shohoku and Ryonan members. This is not shown in the manga.


  • Sakuragi thought Fujima is a benchwarmer.
  • When Miyagi said he is the best point guard, Fujima and Maki made a bad expression on their face even though Fujima however wasn't even in the stadium watching the game between Sannoh and Shohoku.
  • In Slam Dunk After 10 Days, Fujima is seen with beard and mustache a scene purely for comic relief where other Shoyo 3rd Year regulars decided to change their appearances.

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