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Kazuma Takasago
Gender Male.png Male
Height 191 cm (6'3)
Weight 80 kg (176lbs)
Professional Status
Team Kainan University -- High School
Year 3rd year
Position Center
Jersey Number #5
Personal Status
First Appearance
Japanese Voice Yasuhiko Kawazu
English Voice {{{english voice}}}
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Kazuma Takasago is a 3rd year center for Kainan University Affiliated High School.


Takasago is very tall but rather thin, and is tan with big lips and a crew cut. These features make him look very similar to Akagi, and once in the final seconds of the Shohoku-Kainan game a desperate Sakuragi confused him for Akagi and passed him the ball, effectively sealing Kainan's win.


Takasago is quiet and doesn't speak so much, he is very dedicated to his team and to making it to the Nationals, however he is also realist and knows when he cant beat rival Centers such as Akagi who he deemed to strong and decided to pass the ball. this behavior was deemed cowardly by his coach


Takasago is a strong center, though most of the crowd's attention is diverted to Maki when Kainan is playing. This gives him an advantage as he can press forward while the other team is focusing on Maki and score. He is also been shown to be a strong rebounder, even preventing Sakuragi from getting a rebound during the final seconds against Shohoku.

However, despite his skill as a Center, his skill often falls short on other centers such as Akagi, Uozumi, and Hanagata.

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