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Hiroshi Morishige
Gender Male.png Male
Height 199 cm (6'7)
Weight 100 kg (220 lbs)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Professional Status
Team Meihou High School
Position Center
Jersey Number # 15
Personal Status
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 187
Anime Debut Episode 87
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Morishige Hiroshi is the freshman star of Meihou High School. He is first seen after the Kanagawa prefecture tournament and during the time that all the other prefectures in the nation were having their last matches where he and Meihou High School were in the midst of defeating Last year's best 4 Aiwa High School in the Aichi prefecture tournament.

He is last seen during Shohoku's game against Sannoh. It's his trainer's idea to watch the game hoping to find a way to "overthrow the dinnasty", i.e. defeating the three consecutive times undefeated champion team. During the game, the trainer tells him to pay attention to the freshman Mikio Kawata, who could rival him in one or two years, and Hiroshi asks what about Shohoku's red haired player.

He actually starts sleeping during the game and end up leaving after the trainer (wrongly) believed the game had effectively ended after Sannoh took the lead by 20 points in the second half of the game. Just as they were getting out, Hiroshi sees Jun Uozumi and comments that there was actually someone taller than himself other than Masashi Kawata's brother, to which the trainer (wrongly again) corrected him there was no way Jun could be a high schooler.

He is 199 cm tall, and weighs 100 kg.


Hiroshi is extremely arrogant and confident in his abilities. He is somewhat ignorant due to him not knowing anything anything about Sannoh when asked by a reporter. He wasn't even aware of Sakuragi's presence and manages to accidentally knock him down despite the latter wanting to intentionally bump him to test his physique. Despite these, he apologizes briefly to Sakuragi and he is polite towards his "uncle".


Morishige can dunk at will due to his physical and height advantage knocking down defenders. Because of this, he had a monster game in the 2nd round of the nationals with 50 points, 22 rebounds and 10 blocks.

Physical Ability
Mental Strength
Special Ability


  • Hiroshi is likely based on NBA player Shaquille O'Neal, as they both share the same body shape, style of play, and boundless power.
  • He was responsible for Dai Moroboshi's substitution because of physical contact which sent the latter into a stretcher. Though he came back, there was not enough time to catch up to the large deficit left by Meihou.
  • It was supposedly revealed by the author in an article that his team, Meihou High School, won against Josei and Oyamakita during the Interhigh National Championship, losing to Daiei Gakuen by a small margin in the quarter-finals, thanks to the effort of their ace Atsushi Tsuchiya, who would later become National Champion after defeating Kainan in the final match.