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Dai Moroboshi
image: Dai Moroboshi 01 by ale-mangekyo on DeviantArt
Gender Male.png Male
Age 18
Height 1,87m
Hair Color Brown
Professional Status
Occupation Basketball Player
Team Aiwa
Year 3rd Year
Position Shooting Guard
Jersey Number #4
Personal Status
First Appearance
Anime Debut 087. "Japan's Number One High School Player"
Japanese Voice Michio Nakao
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Dai Moroboshi is the widely known ace player of Aiwa Gakuen High School and is known as the Star of Aichi across Japan. Moroboshi is first seen being stretchered off early on in the last game of the Aichi prefecture tournament between Aiwa High School and first time winners Meihou High School due to physically clashing with Super Rookie Hiroshi Morishige. On the way to being treated, whilst on the stretcher he sees Maki, Sakuragi and Kiyota who traveled from Kanagawa to Aichi to watch the game.

While he was gone, his team missed him greatly and they were down by a large deficit. Moroboshi arrives back on later in the game and closes the point deficit greatly almost single-handedly, showing his great skill. However there wasn't enough time and Meihou ended up winning narrowly.


Moroboshi seems to be friends with Maki as while he was being stretchered off early in the game against Meihou he responded to Maki's call for his name. 


His abilities were never shown but Maki notes him as the "Aichi's Star" meaning he has great skills as he almost single-handedly decreased the deficit of Aiwa against Meihou. But still, they lost because there wasn't enough time. His coach believes that he is the one capable of defeating Sawakita even though deep inside he doesn't think he can. Dai Moroboshi 01 by ale-mangekyo on DeviantArt

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