The One who Came Late
Chapter 50th
Title The One who Came Late
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Mito and Ohkusu walk down the street, and Ohkusu complains that Hanamichi never enetertains them anymore because he's so involved in basketball. They then see Takamiya and Noma, who are watching a guy ask a girl out. The girl then rejects him because she knows he likes someone else. This marks the boy's 10th high school rejection, and the gang throws a party for him, but he stops them and asks if they are first-years.

Meanwhile, the basketball team huddles up in the gym, and it is shown that only five freshmen are still on the team. Akagi and Ayako tell the team about the tough opposition they will be facing soon, but Sakuragi and Coach Anzai remain optimistic. Akagi then asks Ayako privately if "that guy" is coming back for the preliminaries.

Meanwhile, Ohkusu challenges "that guy" to a fight, but Mito intervenes and introduces himself. The boy then introduces himself as Ryota Miyagi.



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