Basketball Shoes
Chapter 49th
Title Basketball Shoes
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Sakuragi's gang prepares to talk to him, but Sakuragi headbutts them before they can say anything. Mito tells them that Sakuragi is still sore from yesterday's match and it would be best not to bring it up. Aota then comes up to Sakuragi and tries to get him to join the judo team, but is headbutted by Sakuragi and run over by Rukawa's bike. At school, Sakuragi is about to snap, but Haruko comes up to him and cheers him up. She offers to take him to buy basketball shoes, to which Sakuragi easily agrees.

At the shoe store, Sakuragi is in bliss being with Haruko, but annoys the shopkeeper when he attempts to "stop on a dime" in one pair and only pays 30 yen for them. Later, Sakuragi proudly enters the gym with his new shoes, while the shopkeeper cries in the corner about how he sold his precious Air Jordans for 30 yen.  



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