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Title Sakuragi-kun
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Hanamichi Sakuragi asks a girl out, but she declines, saying she likes Amano from the basketball team. This is Sakuragi's 50th rejection, and his friends congratulate him for acheiving it, but Sakuragi starts attacking and headbutting them. At Shohoku High School, where Sakuragi is starting his first year, Sakuragi still remembers the rejection and starts to beat up anyone who says "basketball" near him, even beating up people who say similar-sounding words.

However, while walking down the hallway, somebody behind Sakuragi asks him if he likes basketball, and he prepares to beat them up, but it is revealed that Haruko, a pretty girl, asked the question. Sakuragi instantly falls in love with Haruko and claims that he loves basketball, putting aside his previous rejection. Sakuragi is ecstatic, though his friends know that he is setting himself up for his 51st rejection.

Meanwhile, some third-year thugs are hanging out in the third-year hall, talking about the new first-years, when Sakuragi runs in doing exercises. The third-years grab him and tell him to come to the roof after school, but Sakuragi gets mad at them for choking him and puts one of the third-years in a chokehold. However, Haruko enters the third-year hallway at that moment and Sakuragi runs up to her. Haruko and Sakuragi run away from the third-years, and Norio Hotta, the leader of the third-year gang, comes up and beats up his gang for getting crushed by a first-year. Hotta and his gang then go on the roof to wait for Sakuragi.

At the end of the day, Haruko asks Sakuragi if he wants to come with her to watch the basketball team practice. However, the gym is empty, and Haruko notices a ball lying on the floor. She dribbles it around and then asks Sakuragi to try. She tells him about the Slam Dunk, and how her brother wowed the audience with it. Haruko, noticing that Sakuragi can palm the ball, wonders if he can dunk too. Sakuragi runs toward the basket (without dribbling the ball), and jumps extremly high, to Haruko's amazement. However, Sakuragi forgets about the basket and hits his head on the backboard. Sakuragi's gang enters the gym at that moment, with Haruko jumping with joy, saying that Sakuragi is the basketball team's savior. Meanwhile, Hotta and his gang are still waiting on the roof, with no Sakuragi in sight.



  • In an omake-panel at the end of the chapter, Sakuragi is cradling his bandaged forehead.

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