1. REDIRECT Template:Team Infobox"Basketball" is the 71st chapter of the Slam Dunk manga.


Kogure finishes his story, with most of the people looking at Mitsui in shock. Ayako realizes that Mitsui didn't pick on Miyagi because he was an upstart, but because Mitsui was jealous of Miyagi's potential. Hotta asks Mitsui if he wants to join the basketball team, but Mitsui punches him. Kogure then tries asking Mitsui, telling him that his knee is healed now. However, Mitsui slaps Kogure. Kogure then tries to plead Mitsui to remember his dream and the promises that he made and broke. However, Mitsui repeatedly slaps Kogure, saying that that was the past and he's got nothing to do with basketball anymore. Sakuragi tries to intervene, but Akagi holds him back. Miyagi then tells Mitsui that he, not Kogure, is the one hung up on the past. Just then, Coach Anzai asks to be let into the gym. Mitsui, seeing Coach Anzai, remembers what Anzai said to him and cries out that he really does want to play basketball.