Anata Dake Mitsumeteru (あなただけ見つめてる "I Only See You") by Maki Ohguro is the 1st ending theme for the Slam Dunk anime. It is used from Episode 1 to Episode 27. The song is the 3rd best selling anime song of all time in Oricon charts.


In order of appearances:


Despite the uptempo song, the lyrics is actually about a girl that would change everything about herself, from wearing lighter or no makeup, learning about cars, liking soccer and cooking, even talking and walking more elegantly, and having shorter phone conversations, and breaking off contacts with her male friends and female friends that he dislikes... to become his ideal type. In other words: It criticizes the patriarchy and women giving up self thoughts and self expression based around the male partner.

The song focuses on Haruko, but in a way reflects to Sakuragi.

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