Aiwa Gakuen High School is a high school located in the Aichi Prefecture in Japan.


Aiwa Gakuen High School was last year’s #4 best team in the national championship, and is led by captain Dai Moroboshi, who is also one of the best players throughout the anime. This year, they lost to Meihou High School because of the giant rookie, Hiroshi Morishige. Even though they lost, they still made it to the national championship, ending up 2nd place, defeating Shohoku High and losing to Daiei High School. In the TV anime, the team only appeared once after Shohoku made it to the national championship.


The only recognizable offense player is the captain.


There is no other good player other than Moroboshi, making it practically a one-man team. For example, when they lost to Meihou, Morishige injured Moroboshi and they started winning.


Dai Moroboshi
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