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• 3/12/2019
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• 7/7/2018

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• 8/5/2016
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• 2/28/2015

Combining with "Real"?

Hello, I'm completely new to this wiki but a long-time fan of this amazing manga. I'm curious, does this wiki incorporate material from the manga "Real"? It's by the same author and about wheelchair basketball--the two mangas have some very similar themes.
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• 10/29/2014

Why was Hisashi Mitsui a Bad Guy?

Hisashi was a Good Guy but His foot was hurting and leave the basketball team. Then he becomes a bad guy.
so, Why was Hisashi Mitsui a Bad Guy?
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• 5/30/2014
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• 5/22/2014


Amazing contributions, guys. This wiki is incredible!
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